MRP Online (MRPO) Help Guide

This page is only a brief guide to using the MRPO system. Although there are many features currently not yet developed, everything described below should be operational. I recommend following the following steps:

Do once or as needed (Setup)

  • Request access. In order to preserve access security, an MRPO administrator must set up your account before you can use this system. Use this form to enter
    • Enter this information
      • your name as you want it to appear on your reports
      • your official email address (The email address must end in All other email addresses just won't work at this time.) You can use or, but select one and stick with it.
      • your AGHQ account number
    • You receive an email containing a validation link. You should receive the confirmation email within a few minutes. If you do not check your spam filter looking for an email from . You can get another validation email by completing the form again.
    • Click on the link to validate your email address.
    • I then must approve. (Will not be instant.) You will receive a confirmation email once you are approved.
  • Set up your expense categories. You should only ever need to do this once. Select Setup | Add Standard Categories. This will automatically add all the AGWM categories required for the Quarterly report. If you inadvertantly click this more than once, MRPO will not add the categories again.
  • Set up your accounts. You should set up at least one account for every currency you use. Click Create New Account to create a new account. Each account describes the foreign currency you might use including:
    • Name of currency
    • Abbreviation of the currency (the short 1-2 letter abbreviation that should be shown in front of each foreign amount, e.g., $, £,€, Rp., etc.)
    • Default rate of exchange: how many of this currency can you get for US$1. If you are using a currency like Euros, you must enter the rate as a decimal.
    • Number of decimals: how many decimal places are normally used for this currency. Some currencies with high rate of exchanges relative to the US$ never use any decimal places: enter 0

Do Each Quarter

  • Manage your quarter data. Because reporting is done by calendar quarters, you must set a quarter before entering transactions for that quarter. Click Create a New Quarter to create a new quarter. Select a year and quarter. NOTE: When offering you options to create a new quarter, MRPO does detect which quarters already exist. If you select a year/quarter combination which has already been created, you will get an error.
  • Edit the quarterly balances. After you have created a new quarter,
    • go to Manage Quarters
    • Select the quarter you are working on. Click the pencil icon to edit.
    • Enter your beginning balance, work income received each month and any other work income received directly from AGWM on your statement. You should not need to edit the descriptions, but can if you want.
    • MRPO will calculate your ending balance as you make changes.

Do Daily

  • Enter Transactions. Click New Transaction on the Manage transaction screen.
    • Date - enter the date as mm/dd/yyyy or click in the field to pick from a calendar.
    • Description - short description of your transaction
    • Reference - optional. Use this field to record check numbers, voucher numbers, etc.
    • Expense category - select the appropriate category
    • Account - pick the account (currency) you are working in. When you pick, it will enter your default rate of exchange. You can change it here.
    • Foreign Amount. - amount you actually paid. This will be in foreign currency or dollars if you made the transaction in dollars..
    • Dollar amount - calculated by MRPO. Don't try to change this. It will be recalculated when you save (Foreign Amount / Exchange Rate.)
    • Transaction Comment - use the area to type lengthy additional information about this transaction. This field will show on your report to AGWM.
    • Receipt File - click choose file to pick the scanned receipt for this transaction. You can upload any jpg, png or gif file less than 2 MB. However, MRPO will reduce the file size for efficient storage and save the file as a jpg file.
  • Manage your transactions. This screen allows you to view existing transactions. You can sort by Date, Description, Foreign Type/Amount or Dollar amount by clicking on the word at the top. You can also search in each of these field by typing in the blank fields above the columns.

Do At the End of the Quarter

All you need to do at the end of the quarter is produce your reports. Each of the reports is available in pdf format. When you click the report link, it will generate the report and show it in your browser. If you want to save it you must find the save button on your browser and save it from there. (Eventually, I hope that you will be able to submit your reports directly to AGWM from this site.) At the present time, you must print out the Summary Report, actually sign and date it, rescan it and then send it to AGWM. I don't think you need to do this with the other reports. Just save them to your disk and then attach to the email.

  • Summary Report. This report shows your beginning balance, income received, total expenses and ending balance. This report is a printed form of the screen shown when editing your quarter.
  • Budget Report. This report lists all categories and total expenditures for each quarter for this current year.
  • Transaction Itemization. List each transaction grouped by categories. Comments are included where available.
  • Receipts Required Listing. List transactions which require receipts and includes the receipt in the pdf file.