Feature List

This page is designed to track features as they are placed into the roadmap and as they are implemented. This list serves as my check list as to which features are available in the current MRP and which ones I want to implement. The features are in aphabetical order and do not represent any implementation priority. Check back regularly

Accounts: Add/edit/delete Currency accounts
Categories: add/edit/delete categories
Categories: add/validate AGWM standard categories
Donors: Import donors from monthly CSV
Donors: Import offerings from monthly CSV
Donors: View / edit offerings
Itineration: add itineration offering
Itineration: add itineration transaction
Itineration: add mileage entry
Mileage: add/enter automobiles
Mileage: add/enter mileage log entries
Mileage: mileage update to gas usage transactions
Profile: backup all data and download offline
Profile: change password / password reset
Profile: delete all your data from MRPO
Profile: export all data to an excel spreadsheet
Quarterly Report: Full itemization of transaction entries (pdf)
Quarterly Report: Full itemization of transaction entries (screen)
Quarterly Report: Quarterly Budget(pdf)
Quarterly Report: Summary Report (pdf)
Quarterly Upload 1 scanned receipt per transaction
Quarterly enter income transactions (personal / additional work)
Quarterly transaction entry (add/edit/delete)
Quarterly transaction entry receipts. Show hide based on need for receipt
Quarters: add/edit/delete quarters
Quarters: modify beginning balance, monthly income
Reports: send reports to AGWM directly from MRPO
SDRs: SDR report in pdf format
SDRs: Transaction entry
SDRs: add/edit/close an SDR
SDRs: link to quarterly summary report